I am truly grateful for my experience at the Institute for Young Dramatic Voices.  The exceptional voice lessons and career mentorship I received there, not only honed my vocal skills but also provided invaluable guidance, paving the way for my journey in the world of opera.  I came from a small town in Costa Rica and there were many things I didn’t know and understand about the voice and the career.  At the Institute I received all the support and knowledge to steer in the right direction during the program and beyond the program as well.  I will forever be grateful for being part of this family.

Thank you, Dolora, and faculty for believing in me and my talent.

~ Andres Cascante

Being a large voice from the UK, I had never had the eye opening experience of being surrounded by other voices like mine. IYDV is truly a safe haven for learning and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from others in a way I never could in a conservatoire setting.’

~ Lorna McLean

When I first read the IYDV ‘ABOUT’ section, I thought ‘Wow, that sounds amazing.’

Now, having spent the summer with the fabulous Dolora Zajick and her amazing team of esteemed faculty from the world’s most renowned opera stages, I can wholeheartedly attest, confirm – that this was THE one program that was an absolute game changer for a growing large voice like mine.

Not only was I happy to find my large voice tribe within our opera community, but this program made me realize that our large voices that are often overlooked by generalists, will be nurtured by specialists at IYDV.

This is the place where everyone understands what we’re going through at this stage of our training, where everyone understands our specific learning style, where we receive guidance and direction designed to build voices that will support our careers for 30-40 years to come.

~ Alexa Frankian

Thank you for this amazing experience: from the individual interest you have taken in each and everyone of us as completely unique and varied singers to the fabulously well-rounded program that explored every aspect of opera.
Elaina Moreau
Every day a journey up the stairway to success…Thank you for teaching us to walk towards it. (Ogni giorno una conquista verso la scaletta per il sucesso…Grazie per insegniarci a caminare.)
Antonio Corianò (Italy)
Being labeled as a ``large voice`` limits us. Teachers do not know how to deal with us and choirs hate us. Thank you for giving us a Haven where we are treasured and respected.``

Allegra Devita
Thank you so much for allowing me to study and observe your teaching. Being the genuine and committed person that you are, you created a supportive atmosphere for your students to progress. This experience will definitely be a turning point in my training as an opera singer.
Lisa Algozzini
Every young singer needs assistance at the beginning of his or her career and it is very important to find really professional help. Success depends on our education. The Institute for Young Dramatic Voices is the best program for this. It has everything we need: coaches, voice teachers, acting, movement and, most importantly, a sincere desire to help young singers. Dolora is great singer, a wonderful person, and a true teacher. She has a great professional team at the Institute with which I was very happy to work. Thanks to each of you!
Mikhail Korobeinikov (Russia)