I am not a US citizen. Can I still apply?

Yes. Our program is open to anyone fitting within the application requirements for each level. The only thing international students must do extra is to obtain their own tourist visa.

When and where are the live auditions held?

Only a small number of applicants are selected for a live audition, and we wait to see where those we want to hear live. We try and make the location as convenient as possible. Live auditions will usually be held in November/December for US applicants.  European singers may vary each year, dependent upon who is selected to be heard.

Can I send a video or CD for my recordings by email?

No. You must complete and submit an application in order to be considered for an audition.  There is a selection committee of several different people that review the applications.  We do not accept emailed video’s for consideration into our program.  You must go through the application process.

I am a little over the age limits for a certain category. Can I still apply?

Yes. The age limits we have set are good guidelines, but there are exceptions, especially if you had a late start for some reason, or an interruption in your training perhaps because of family, or health reasons, we will still consider your application.

If I have a dramatic voice, am I guaranteed a place in the program?

No. We have applicants from all over the world, and the number of dramatic and unusual voices applying has increased dramatically. Having the right voice is just a part of what it takes to have a successful career. We look at the voice, the musicianship, the musicality, responsiveness to learning, and ability to learn and other factors before making our decision. If we have very few openings, we may have a choice for each spot, and pick the singer we feel most likely to have the possibility of a successful career.

When will I hear whether I have been selected or not?

We will let applicants know by the end of October or first of November whether they are selected for a live audition or not, and also those not selected. If you have not heard by December 1st, please email our Director of Operations at iydvinfo@gmail.com to find out.